(A)   Upon  approval of the Permit, the applicant shall have a three-month (90 days) period in which to complete construction.  In the event that construction may require additional time for completion, a 30-day extension may be granted to applicant at no additional cost provided said extension is applied for prior to expiration of permit time.  If extension request is not submitted prior to permit expiration, construction will be halted until such time as contractor/utility shall reapply for an additional Right-of- Way Cut Permit, and all approvals and charges shall be necessary.
   (B)   No opening in any street, highway, alley or public grounds of the city shall remain open for a period of more than ten consecutive days.  If the opening is made within the paved areas, the opening shall not remain open for more than 24 hours.  The Board of Public Works and Safety may grant an extension of time on excavation openings upon presentation by the permit holder of good and sufficient reason for the extension.
(‘89 Code, § 92.08)  Penalty, see § 10.99