(A)   Inspections.  All repairs shall be made in accordance with the city’s specifications and other applicable codes and requirements. Failure to install facilities in accordance with these policies will result in immediate suspension of further construction activities at the site until corrective measures have been made to the satisfaction of the city, and/or forfeiture of bond. Any inspection by the city shall in no way relieve the utility or contractor of any duty or responsibility to the general public nor shall such services and/or control by the city relieve the utility or contractor from any liability for loss, damage, or injury to persons or adjacent properties.
   (B)   Interim inspection.  All interim inspections are to be done by the Engineer’s office.
   (C)   Final inspection
      (1)   Upon completion of the work, the contractor/utility is required to contact the Street Commissioner’s Office for a final inspection. The Street Commissioner or his representative shall verify that all of the conditions of the permit have been met and work is in compliance with city standards.  Any equipment, surplus materials and construction debris of any description shall be removed and the entire area put in a neat and orderly condition.  All manholes, catch basins, or other structures disturbed or adjacent thereto shall be examined, any debris caused by the contractor shall be removed therefrom, or any damage caused by the contractor shall be repaired by the contractor.
      (2)   Upon acceptance by the Street Commissioner or his or her representative, the date of completion shall be noted on the permit form along with his or her signature. The contractor’s Performance and Damage Bond shall guarantee the maintenance of the work for a period of one year from that date.