(A)   A minimum of one operating smoke detector, or its equivalent or better as described in the NFPA 74, shall be installed in each dwelling unit within the corporate limits of the city.
   (B)   All smoke detectors must be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
   (C)   The smoke detector shall be installed to protect the sleeping areas and stall be located outside of the bedrooms but in the immediate vicinity of the sleeping areas, within 15 feet of the rooms used for sleeping areas.
   (D)   The smoke detector shall be installed on or near the ceiling, not less than six inches from any wall, or on a wall, not less than six inches nor more than 12 inches from the ceiling, and its installation shall be subject to approval by the “authority having jurisdiction.”  No detector shall be recessed into the ceiling.
   (E)   All smoke detectors shall be accessible for servicing and testing.
   (F)   If a smoke detector is A.C. powered, it must be directly attached to a junction box not controlled by any switch other than the main power supply. The installation of A.C. powered detectors shall conform to all electrical standards adopted by the Allen County Building Department. A smoke detector required under this section shall be installed according to the directions and specifications of the manufacturer, but if in conflict with any county electrical standard, the county electrical standard shall take precedence.