(A)   The owners, managers or agents of retail, commercial, industrial or public buildings, new or existing, having privately owned public parking lots and drives devoted to public use, shall be responsible to insure that fire lanes are maintained, at their own expense, and that there are no obstructions to the ingress and egress of Fire Department or other emergency vehicles and personnel for protection of persons and property.
   (B)   Fire lanes shall be of hard surface concrete or asphalt and shall be established in the driving lane closest to the building. A fire lane must be at least 20 feet in width.
   (C)   Signs designating the fire lanes shall read, “Fire Lane No Parking” or “No Parking Fire Lane” and shall be 12 inches wide and 18 inches high. Said signs shall be no higher than seven feet off the ground and positioned at least every 40 feet along the curb or side of building wherein the lanes are established. Signs shall be visible upon approach from each direction. “Fire Lane No Parking” or “No Parking Fire Lane” shall be painted in yellow on the surface along the fire lane. Lettering shall be no less than 12 inches in height.