Absent compliance with the provisions of this section, it shall be unlawful to sell or otherwise distribute any fireworks and/or banned fireworks within the city unless the following conditions are met:
   (A)   Retailer complies with all requirements of I.C. 22-11-14-4.5, 22-11-14-7 and 22-11-14-11, including the obtaining of a valid certificate of compliance;
   (B)   Retailer obtains a valid permit from the city. Such permits shall be valid for one year. The city shall prepare application forms and establish the process fee for obtaining the permit. A fee of $50 shall be collected to reimburse the city for its administrative costs. As part of the application, the retailer/property owner shall consent to inspection to the Police Department and/or Fire Department to ensure the general health, safety and welfare of the public.
(Ord. 15, 2008, passed 4-28-08)