(A)   Smoking shall be prohibited in all enclosed public places within the city including, but not limited to, the following places:
      (1)   Aquariums, galleries, libraries, and museums.
      (2)   Areas available to and customarily used by the general public in businesses and nonprofit entities patronized by the public including, but not limited to, professional offices, banks, laundromats, and hotels or motels (except as provided in § 97.06(B)).
      (3)   Bars, unless an exemption has been issued under § 97.06.
      (4)   Bed and breakfast facilities.
      (5)   Bingo facilities.
      (6)   Convention facilities.
      (7)   Elevators.
      (8)   Facilities primarily used for exhibiting a motion picture, stage presentation, lecture, musical recital, or other similar performance, unless exempted by § 97.06.
      (9)   Health care facilities.
      (10)   Licensed childcare and adult day care facilities.
      (11)   Lobbies, hallways, and other common areas in apartment buildings, condominiums, trailer parks, retirement facilities, nursing homes, and other multiple-unit residential facilities.
      (12)   Polling places.
      (13)   Public transportation facilities including buses and taxicabs, under the authority of the city  and ticketing, boarding, and waiting areas of public transit depots.
      (14)   Private clubs unless an exemption has been issued under § 97.06.
      (15)   Restaurants. Smoking is also prohibited in any outside eating or drinking areas provided by the restaurant to its patrons.
      (16)   Restrooms, lobbies, reception areas, hallways, and other common-use areas.
      (17)   Retail stores.
      (18)   Rooms, chambers, places of meeting or public assembly, including school buildings, under the control of an agency, board, commission, committee or council of the city.
      (19)   Schools.
      (20)   Service lines.
      (21)   Shopping malls.
      (22)   Sports or entertainment arenas, including enclosed places in outdoor arenas or venues and in grandstands and other seating areas.
   (B)   All ashtrays and other smoking paraphernalia shall be removed from any area where smoking is prohibited by this chapter by the owner, operator, manager, or other person having control of the area.
(Ord. 49-2006, passed 12-4-06; Am. Ord. 15-2007, passed 3-12-07)  Penalty, see § 97.99