9-5A-1: GRADING:
   A.   Permit Required: Grading to prepare a site for a conditional use or grading, vegetation removal, construction or other activity that has any impact on the subject land or on adjoining properties is a conditional use. A conditional use permit is required prior to the start of such an activity.
   B.   Exemptions: Grading for bona fide agricultural activities, timber harvest, and similar permitted uses herein are exempt from this section.
   C.   Flood Prone Areas: Grading within flood prone areas is regulated by provisions of section 9-6-2 of this title and title 11 of this code. A permit, if required, shall be a part of the conditional use permit.
   D.   Wetlands: Grading or disturbance of wetlands is subject to approval of the U.S. corps of engineers under the federal clean water act. The federal permit, if required, shall be part of the conditional use permit.
   E.   Site Grading Plan:
      1.   The conditional use permit application shall include a site grading plan, or preliminary site grading plan for subdivisions, clearly showing the existing site topography and the proposed final grades with elevations or contour lines and specifications for materials and their placement as necessary to complete the work. The plan shall demonstrate compliance with best management practices for surface water management for permanent management and the methods that will be used during construction to control or prevent the erosion, mass movement, siltation, sedimentation, and blowing of dirt and debris caused by grading, excavation, open cuts, side slopes, and other site preparation and development. The plan shall be subject to review of the county engineer and the soil conservation district. The information received from the county engineer, the soil conservation district, and other agencies regarding the site grading plan shall be considered by the planning and zoning commission and/or the board of county commissioners in preparing the conditions of approval or reasons for denial of the applications. (Ord. 10-06, 8-23-2010)
      2.   For subdivisions, preliminary site grading plans and stormwater management plans must be presented for review and approval by the commission as part of the conditional use permit application. However, prior to construction of the infrastructure, excavation, or recordation of the final plat, the final plans must be approved by the county engineer. (Ord. 10-06, 8-23-2010; amd. Ord. 11-5, 6-6-2011)
   F.   Land Surfaces Not Used For Roads, Buildings And Parking: All land surfaces not used for roads, buildings and parking shall be covered either by natural vegetation, other natural and undisturbed open space, or landscaping.
   G.   Stormwater Management Plan: Prior to issuance of building permits, the administrator must receive a certification from the developer's engineer verifying that the stormwater management plan has been implemented according to approved plans. (Ord. 10-06, 8-23-2010)