A.   Fire Chief: The Chief of the Fire Department shall be responsible for the organization and efficiency of the Department, for the instruction and practice of the members of the Department and for all meetings held by the same. It shall be his duty to report to the Town Council any matter regarding the efficiency of the Department, the delinquency of its members or their failure to perform their duties or comply with its regulations, and also to bring to the attention of the Mayor and Town Council any defects of apparatus of the Department. The Chief shall have direction and command of all members of the Department at fires and of all citizens who volunteer any actual service at fires, and shall attend to the organization of squads to attend the chemical apparatus, and to attend the fire engine and the hose carts, and shall appoint nozzlemen as may be necessary. In general, the Chief shall have the power to do all acts, subject to the regulations of the Town Council, necessary for the best organization and efficiency of the Department. He shall hold his office at the pleasure of the Town Council. (1965 Code § 3-1-4)
   B.   Assistant Chief: The assistant to the Chief shall receive and give orders, and shall take and assume the duties of the Chief in his absence. When present with the Chief, he shall become his lieutenant and see that his orders and instructions are obeyed. (1965 Code § 3-1-5)