A.   Plat Procedure: Upon receiving two (2) copies of a complete submittal along with payment of the appropriate fee, the administrator shall route one copy of the proposed plat to the town engineer for his/her review. The administrator shall then conduct his/her review concurrently. The town engineer shall review the submittal and return comments and notifications to the administrator who shall transmit the approval, disapproval or approval with modifications of the plat within fourteen (14) days to the applicant. The administrator shall sign the plat if approved or require modifications on the plat for approval or deny approval due to inconsistencies with the originally approved plat or failure to make other required modifications on the plat. Plat format and content shall be as outlined under section 13-3-6 of this title. Correction plats must contain the following statement:
   The sole purpose of this plat is to correct an error (or amend a plat note or an easement) filed with an approved plat. This plat correction does not alter the character, intent or development standards imposed under previous plat approvals.
   B.   Criteria For Review: A plat correction or minor plat amendment may be approved upon the findings that:
      1.   The plat correction is in accordance with all applicable town ordinances, standards, and the original conditions of plat approval;
      2.   Nonconformities are not created. In the case of preexisting nonconforming lots, the nonconformity is not increased with the approval of the correction plat;
      3.   The approval will not adversely affect the public health, safety, and welfare;
      4.   Provisions for adequate access and infrastructure have been demonstrated by the applicant and are indicated on the proposed correction plat. (Ord. 29(2005) § 76)