The following improvements shall be required by the subdivider unless otherwise waived by either the administrator, director of public works, planning and environmental commission or council. All improvements shall meet the design standards, chapter 10 of this title.
   A.   Paved street and parking lots.
   B.   Bicycle and pedestrian path linked with town system and within the subdivision itself.
   C.   Traffic control signs, signals or devices.
   D.   Streetlights.
   E.   Landscaping.
   F.   Water lines and fire hydrants.
   G.   Sanitary sewer lines.
   H.   Storm drainage improvements and storm sewers.
   I.   Bridges and culverts.
   J.   Electrical lines.
   K.   Telephone lines.
   L.   Natural gas lines.
   M.   Other improvements not specifically mentioned above but found necessary by the town engineer due to the nature of the subdivision. (Ord. 2(1983) § 1)