13-3-6: FINAL PLAT:
   A.   Submission: At any time within one year after the planning and environmental commission has completed its review of the preliminary plan, a final plat shall be submitted to the department of community development. If more than a year has passed from the date of the planning and environmental commission's review, the proposal shall be required to be reviewed on a preliminary basis again.
   B.   Requirements And Procedure:
      1.   Copies Required: The subdivider shall submit eight (8) copies of the final plat, two (2) or more of which shall be Mylars, twelve (12) copies of the final environmental impact report and any additional material as required by subsection B3 of this section. The final plat shall substantially conform to the preliminary plan and shall include changes as required after consideration on a preliminary basis by the planning and environmental commission. If it does not substantially conform to the preliminary plan and include any revisions required by planning and environmental commission, it shall be required to go back through preliminary plan procedures. Within thirty (30) days of receiving the complete and correct submittal for a final plat, the planning and environmental commission shall hold a public hearing to consider the final plat. The administrator shall cause a copy of a notice of the time, place and general nature of the hearing and proposal to be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the town at least fifteen (15) days prior to said hearing. Also, adjacent property owners to the proposed subdivision shall be notified in writing at least seven (7) days prior to the public hearing.
      2.   Final Plat; Staff Review: The final plat shall be circulated to and reviewed by the town's departments, including, but not limited to, public works, community development, administration, police and fire. Comments and concerns of these departments will be forwarded to the planning and environmental commission prior to the public hearing.
      3.   Final Plat And Supplementary Material; Contents: The final plat and supplementary material shall contain the following information:
         a.   The final plat shall be drawn in India ink, or other substantial solution, on a reproducible medium (preferably Mylar) with dimensions of twenty four inches by thirty six inches (24" x 36") and shall be at a scale of one hundred feet to one inch (100' = 1") or larger with margins of one and one-half inches to two inches (11/2" – 2") on the left and one-half inch (1/2") on all other sides.
b. Accurate dimensions to the nearest one-hundredth (0.01) of a foot for all lines, angles and curves used to describe boundaries, streets, setbacks, alleys, easements, structures, areas to be reserved or dedicated for public or common uses and other important features. All curves shall be circular arcs and shall be defined by the radius, central angle, arc chord distances and bearings. All dimensions, both linear and angular, are to be determined by an accurate control survey in the field which must balance and close within a limit of one in ten thousand (10,000).
         c.   North arrow and graphic scale.
         d.   A systematic identification of all existing and proposed buildings, units, lots, blocks, and names for all streets.
         e.   Names of all adjoining subdivisions with dotted lines of abutting lots. If adjoining land is unplatted, it shall be shown as such.
         f.   An identification of the streets, alleys, parks, and other public areas or facilities as shown on the plat, and a dedication thereof to the public use. An identification of the easements as shown on the plat and a grant thereof to the public use. Areas reserved for future public acquisition shall also be shown on the plat.
         g.   A written survey description of the area including the total acreage to the nearest appropriate significant figure. The acreage of each lot or parcel shall be shown in this manner as well.
         h.   A description of all survey monuments, both found and set, which mark the boundaries of the subdivision, and a description of all monuments used in conducting the survey. Monument perimeter per Colorado statutes. Two (2) perimeter monuments shall be established as major control monuments, the materials which shall be determined by the town engineer.
         i.   A statement by the land surveyor explaining how bearing base was determined.
         j.   The proper plat title format for filing a plat in the town, as outlined in section 13-11-1 of this title.
         k.   A certificate by the registered land surveyor as outlined in chapter 11 of this title as to the accuracy of the survey and plat, and that the survey was performed by him/her in accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes title 38, article 51.
         l.   A certificate by an attorney admitted to practice in the state, or corporate title insurer, that the owner(s) of record dedicating to the public the public rights of way, areas or facilities as shown thereon are the owners thereof in fee simple, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances except as noted. (See example in chapter 11 of this title.)
         m.   The proper form for approval of the plat by the planning and environmental commission chairman and acceptance of dedication and easements by the council with signature by the mayor and attestation by the town clerk. Examples are found in chapter 11 of this title.
         n.   The proper form for filing of the plat with the Eagle County clerk and recorder as per example in chapter 11 of this title.
         o.   Certificate of dedication and ownership as per example in chapter 11 of this title. Should the certificate of dedication and ownership provide for a dedication of land or improvement to the public, all beneficiaries of deeds of trust and mortgage holders on said real property will be required to sign the certificate of dedication and ownership in addition to the fee simple owner thereof.
         p.   A certificate by the treasurer of Eagle County as outlined in section 13-11-10 of this title that will certify that the entire amount of taxes due and payable upon all parcels of real estate described on the plat are paid in full.
         q.   Additional material which shall accompany the final plat includes, but is not limited to:
(1) Complete and final environmental impact report if required by the zoning ordinance.
(2) Complete engineering plans and specifications for all improvements to be installed, including, but not limited to, water and sewer utilities, streets and related improvements, pedestrian and bicycle paths, bridges and storm drainage improvements.
(3) Maps at the same scale as the final plat showing existing topography and proposed grading plan (contour interval requirements same as preliminary plan), a landscape and/or revegetation plan showing locations, type and sizes of existing and proposed vegetation.
(4) A map the same scale as the final plat depicting all high and moderate avalanche hazard areas, forty percent (40%) and higher slope areas and 100-year floodplain areas as defined in the hazard ordinance of this code 1 .
(5) Title insurance company proof of ownership of all lands within the proposal.
(6) Copies of any monument records required of the land surveyor in accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes title 38, article 53.
(7) Any agreements with utility companies when required.
(8) Protective covenants in form for recording.
(9) Other data, certificates, affidavits, or documents as may be required by the administrator or planning and environmental commission or council in the enforcement of these regulations. (Ord. 29(2005) § 54: 1997 Code: Ord. 12(1996) § 1: Ord. 11(1986) § 1: Ord. 2(1983) § 1)



1. See title 12, chapter 21 of this code.