A.   Preliminary Presentation To Planning And Environmental Commission: Consideration of a major subdivision proposal shall be formally considered with a preliminary plan presentation by the subdivider and/or his/her representative(s) to the planning and environmental commission at a regularly scheduled meeting. This preliminary presentation shall be a public hearing according to section 12-3-6of this code. The presentation shall reflect the proposed development for an entire same ownership and shall indicate all adjacent lands owned or under option to the subdivider at the time of subdivision.
   B.   Submittal Requirements: At least thirty (30) days prior to the preliminary plan presentation to the planning and environmental commission, the subdivider shall submit at a scale of one inch equals one hundred feet (1" = 100') or larger, twelve (12) copies of each of the following (exceptions can be granted on individual items by the director of public works or the administrator) to the department of community development:
      1.   The environmental impact report required.
      2.   A topographic survey with a north arrow, graphic scale, dimensioned to nearest foot prepared by a Colorado registered land surveyor, shall be submitted including the following information:
         a.   Boundary lines.
         b.   Preliminary proposed lots and blocks with numbers and sizes.
         c.   Easements: location, width and purpose.
         d.   Proposed streets, their widths of right of way and pavement, approximate grades in percentage and center line radii of curves; areas with cuts and fills exceeding six feet (6') and extent thereof.
         e.   Utilities on and adjacent to the tract, including their type, location, size and invert elevations of sanitary sewers, storm drainage facilities and water mains. If utilities are not found on the tract, distance to, direction of, and size and elevations of the nearest utilities should be indicated.
         f.   Contour intervals of no less than two feet (2') if the site is two (2) acres or less; contour intervals of five feet (5') or less if the tract is more than two (2) acres, elevations to be based on USGS datum.
         g.   Drainage conditions on and adjacent to the tract including location and extent of watercourses, areas of 100-year floodplain (verified by a registered professional engineer in state of Colorado), perpetual drainage easements and location of natural springs and ground water.
         h.   Existing conditions on adjacent land: The area within two hundred feet (200') from each subdivision boundary should be included in the preliminary plan to show its land slope percentage, zoning, location of physical improvements and land uses, owners of said property, division of property into lots or tracts including subdivision names and any significant natural features. The objective of showing how the preliminary plan interfaces with all adjoining properties and uses thereof should be met.
         i.   Existing zoning.
         j.   All areas of forty percent (40%) slope or greater, and avalanche areas indicated as shaded areas.
         k.   Letters from all applicable utility agencies verifying service.
         l.   Indications showing that access to the subdivision is via a maintained public road.
         m.   Soil stability analysis.
   C.   Agencies Review:
      1.   The administrator shall inform any of the following agencies that copies of the preliminary plan are available for review and comment. Notification shall be mailed at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date set by the planning and environmental commission for public hearing:
         a.   Department of public works.
         b.   Town fire department.
         c.   Town police department.
         d.   Public Service Company of Colorado.
         e.   Holy Cross Electric Association.
         f.   U.S. West.
         g.   Cablevision company serving the area.
         h.   National forest service.
         i.   Eagle River water and sanitation district.
         j.   Vail recreation district.
         k.   Eagle County ambulance district.
         l.   Other interested agencies when applicable.
      2.   Such agencies shall be required to make recommendations and comments within fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt of notification that the preliminary plan is available for review. Failure to make recommendations and/or comments within the prescribed fifteen (15) day period shall be deemed approval of the preliminary plan. (Ord. 29(2005) § 52: 1997 Code: Ord. 2(1983) § 1)