13-1-2: PURPOSE:
   A.   Statutory Authority: The subdivision regulations contained in this title have been prepared and enacted in accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes title 31, article 23, for the purpose of promoting the health, safety and welfare of the present and future inhabitants of the town.
   B.   Goals: To these ends, these regulations are intended to protect the environment, to ensure efficient circulation, adequate improvements, sufficient open space and in general, to assist the orderly, efficient and integrated development of the town. These regulations also provide for the proper arrangement of streets and ensure proper distribution of population. The regulations also coordinate the need for public services with governmental improvement programs. Standards for design and construction of improvements are hereby set forth to ensure adequate and convenient traffic circulation, utilities, emergency access, drainage, recreation and light and air. Also intended is the improvement of land records and surveys, plans and plats and to safeguard the interests of the public and subdivider and provide consumer protection for the purchaser; and to regulate other matters as the town planning and environmental commission and town council may deem necessary in order to protect the best interests of the public.
   C.   Specific Purposes: These regulations are further intended to serve the following specific purposes:
      1.   To inform each subdivider of the standards and criteria by which development proposals will be evaluated, and to provide information as to the type and extent of improvements required.
      2.   To provide for the subdivision of property in the future without conflict with development on adjacent land.
      3.   To protect and conserve the value of land throughout the municipality and the value of buildings and improvements on the land.
      4.   To ensure that subdivision of property is in compliance with the town's zoning ordinances 1 , to achieve a harmonious, convenient, workable relationship among land uses, consistent with town development objectives.
      5.   To guide public and private policy and action in order to provide adequate and efficient transportation, water, sewage, schools, parks, playgrounds, recreation, and other public requirements and facilities and generally to provide that public facilities will have sufficient capacity to serve the proposed subdivision.
      6.   To provide for accurate legal descriptions of newly subdivided land and to establish reasonable and desirable construction design standards and procedures.
      7.   To prevent the pollution of air, streams and ponds, to assure adequacy of drainage facilities, to safeguard the water table and to encourage the wise use and management of natural resources throughout the town in order to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the community and the value of the land. (Ord. 2(1983) § 1)



1. See title 12 of this code.