An environmental impact report shall be submitted to the administrator for any project for which such a report is required by federal or state law, or for any project which the administrator determines may significantly change the environment, either during construction or on a continuing basis, in one or more of the following respects:
   A.   Alters an ecological unit or land form, such as a ridgeline, saddle, draw, ravine, hillside, cliff, slope, creek, marsh, watercourse, or other natural landform feature.
   B.   Directly or indirectly affects a wildlife habitat, feeding, or nesting ground.
   C.   Alters or removes native grasses, trees, shrubs, or other vegetative cover.
   D.   Affects the appearance or character of a significant scenic area or resource, or involves buildings or other structures that are of a size, bulk, or scale that would be in marked contrast to natural or existing urban features.
   E.   Potentially results in avalanche, landslide, siltation, settlement, flood, or other land form change or hazard to health and safety.
   F.   Discharges toxic or thermally abnormal substances, or involves use of herbicides or pesticides, or emits smoke, gas, steam, dust, or other particulate matter.
   G.   Involves any process which results in odor that may be objectionable or damaging.
   H.   Requires any waste treatment, cooling, or settlement pond, or requires transportation of solid or liquid wastes to a treatment or disposal site.
   I.   Discharges significant volumes of solid or liquid wastes.
   J.   Has the potential to strain the capacity of existing or planned sewage disposal, storm drainage, or other utility systems.
   K.   Involves any process which generates noise that may be offensive or damaging.
   L.   Either displaces significant numbers of people or results in a significant increase in population.
   M.   Preempts a site with potential recreational or open space value.
   N.   Alters local traffic patterns or causes a significant increase in traffic volume or transit service needs.
   O.   Is a part of a larger project which, at any future stage, may involve any of the impacts listed in this section. (Ord. 29(2005) § 31: Ord. 8(1973) § 16.200)