12-1-2: PURPOSE:
   A.   General: These regulations are enacted for the purpose of promoting the health, safety, morals, and general welfare of the town, and to promote the coordinated and harmonious development of the town in a manner that will conserve and enhance its natural environment and its established character as a resort and residential community of high quality.
   B.   Specific: These regulations are intended to achieve the following more specific purposes:
      1.   To provide for adequate light, air, sanitation, drainage, and public facilities.
      2.   To secure safety from fire, panic, flood, avalanche, accumulation of snow, and other dangerous conditions.
      3.   To promote safe and efficient pedestrian and vehicular traffic circulation and to lessen congestion in the streets.
      4.   To promote adequate and appropriately located off street parking and loading facilities.
      5.   To conserve and maintain established community qualities and economic values.
      6.   To encourage a harmonious, convenient, workable relationship among land uses, consistent with municipal development objectives.
      7.   To prevent excessive population densities and overcrowding of the land with structures.
      8.   To safeguard and enhance the appearance of the town.
      9.   To conserve and protect wildlife, streams, woods, hillsides, and other desirable natural features.
      10.   To assure adequate open space, recreation opportunities, and other amenities and facilities conducive to desired living quarters.
      11.   To otherwise provide for the growth of an orderly and viable community. (Ord. 8(1973) § 1.100)