8-1-35: FEES:
   A.   Fees Determined: Upon receipt of a properly completed application, public works shall determine the amount of the fee which shall be paid by the holder of any permit under this chapter, which fee shall cover the cost of the applicant's use of the public way including, but not limited to: application administration, pavement degradation, use of the public way, inspection of work/use, coordination of work/use, and the mitigation of public impacts. These fees shall be as currently adopted via resolution by the town council and shall be set forth on the schedule of fees maintained in the public works department.
      1.   Any rework or additional work agreed upon between the town and permittee and done by the town shall be a time and material charge.
      2.   Salaries and equipment rates will be charged by the town to the permittee in accordance with the prevailing schedule on file in the public works department.
   B.   Form Of Payment: The fee shall be either in the form of a certified treasurer's or cashier's check, cash, or other, if approved by the finance director.
   C.   Deficient Fee: If any fee or deposit is less than sufficient to pay all costs, the permittee shall, upon demand, no later than ten (10) days after being billed by the town, or prior to the issuance of any further permits, pay to the town an amount equal to the deficiency. If the permittee fails or refuses to pay the deficiency, the town may institute an action to recover the amount in any court of competent jurisdiction, refuse to issue any subsequent permits, or revoke the permittee's contractor's license. Until the deficiency is paid in full, no additional permits shall be issued to the permittee. The remedies herein are in the alternative and are not exclusive. (Ord. 7(2006) § 26: 1997 Code: Ord. 20(1981) § 1: Ord. 43(1978) § 2: Ord. 7(1971) § 6(A–C))