A.   Surface Cut And Restoration: The cut and restoration of Portland cement surfaces shall be made in the following manner:
      1.   The initial pavement cut shall be made a minimum of one foot (1') wider than the trench on all sides of the trench, a minimum of five feet (5') wide, and the cut in the paving shall be made with a power circular saw or other method as specifically approved in writing by public works.
      2.   The minimum pavement section shall be six inches (6") or match existing, whichever is greater, on top of the six inches (6") of ABC. The concrete specifications shall meet the Colorado department of highways' specifications for Portland cement concrete pavements.
   B.   Curb And Gutter Specifications: Concrete for gutters and curb and gutter shall be reinforced with fibrous concrete reinforcing at the rate of 1.5 lb/CY. Fibers shall be one hundred percent (100%) virgin polypropylene fibrillated fibers. Add fibrous concrete reinforcement to concrete materials at the time concrete is batched in amounts in accordance with approved submittals for each type of concrete required. Mix batched concrete in strict accordance with fibrous concrete manufacturer's instructions. The new surface shall meet the lines, grades, quality and appearance of the existing surface surrounding the excavation, and be sealed with a chemical as approved by public works. (Ord. 8(1991) § 12)