A.   Relaxed Standards: Excavations in unpaved public places not used as vehicular ways may be backfilled with suitable material and shall be compacted in lifts not to exceed eighteen inches (18") in depth to sufficiently obtain a field density which is at least eighty five percent (85%) of theoretical density as determined by AASHTO method T-99. Field density shall be determined by AASHTO method T-147. The top six inches (6") shall be a topsoil material meeting the following specification:
   Topsoil: Natural, friable, fertile soil characteristic of productive soil in the vicinity, reasonably free of stones, clay lumps, roots, and other foreign matter.
   B.   Landscaping Restored: All vegetated areas shall be returned to their original condition. This includes grasses, sod, shrubs, trees, flowers and any irrigation system disturbed during the excavation process per public works' standard landscaping restoration specifications. The lines and grades of the completed grading shall meet the original lines and grades prior to commencement of work. (Ord. 7(2006) § 23: Ord. 8(1991) § 10: Ord. 43(1978) § 1: Ord. 7(1971) § 5(A)(3))