A.   Conditions For Granting Permit: In granting any permit, public works may attach such other conditions as may be reasonably necessary to prevent damage to public or private property or to prevent the operation from being conducted in a manner hazardous to life or property or in a manner likely to create a nuisance. Such conditions may include, but shall not be limited to, the following:
      1.   Equipment: Restrictions as to the size and type of equipment;
      2.   Routes: Designation of routes upon which materials may be transported;
      3.   Disposal: The place and manner of disposal of excavated materials;
      4.   Offensive, Injurious Practices: Requirements as to the cleaning of streets, the prevention of noise, and other results offensive or injurious to the neighborhood, the general public, or any portion thereof;
      5.   Restricted Access: Regulations as to the use of streets in the course of the work;
      6.   Burial Depth: Minimum depth of any utility or service line shall be eighteen inches (18") below grade or deeper if required by the applicable code;
      7.   Temporary Remedies: Temporary patches or other measures that may be necessary to protect the public and the public way;
      8.   Guarantees: Deposits, securities, or performance bonds shall be necessary to ensure that the cost of repair or maintenance is paid by the permittee;
      9.   Public Accommodation: Mitigation of the public way to maintain a level of service equal to the existing level of service to the public;
      10.   Streetscape And Heated Streets: Public works may require the applicant to use alternative means when streetscape or heated streets are requested to be impacted; when no alternative means are possible, then total reconstruction may be required of the improvements such as, but not limited to: planters, paver walks and streets, heat tubing (by zone or loop), stairways, etc.
   B.   Alternative To Street Cuts: When a reasonable alternative exists as determined by public works, street cut permits requiring the cutting of pavement shall not be issued on town streets which have been reconstructed as a part of the town street improvement program. The town shall maintain and have publicly available an updated record of all town street improvement projects. (Ord. 7(2006) § 19: Ord. 8(1991) §§ 2, 4: Ord. 43(1978) § 2: Ord. 7(1971) § 4(K))