Every permittee shall provide a construction traffic control plan in accordance with the most recent "Manual On Uniform Traffic Control Devices" (MUTCD) published by the United States department of transportation federal highway administration for each situation, phase or part of the work. This plan shall have public works' approval before the permit is issued. Every permittee shall provide and maintain all suitable traffic control devices as prescribed on the approved construction traffic control plan for the duration of the project. Additional safety regulations and the employment of a certified traffic control supervisor (TCS) may be prescribed by public works. Whenever any person fails to provide or maintain adequate safety devices, such devices may be installed and maintained by the town, and the amount of the cost thereof shall be paid by the person obtaining the permit. It shall be unlawful to wilfully move, remove, injure, destroy or extinguish any barrier, warning light, sign, or notice erected, placed or posted in accordance with this section. (Ord. 7(2006) § 15: Ord. 8 (1991) § 1: Ord. 20(1981) § 2: Ord. 43(1978) § 2: Ord. 7(1971) § 4(G))