A.   Grounds: Any permit may be revoked by public works, after notice to the permittee, for the following grounds:
      1.   Violation of any condition of the permit or of any provision of this chapter.
      2.   Violation of any provision of any other applicable ordinance or law relating to the work.
      3.   Existence of any condition or the doing of any act constituting a nuisance or endangering lives or properties of others.
   B.   Notice Served; Contents: Written notice of any of the violations or conditions designated in subsection A of this section shall be served upon the holder of the permit or agent engaged in the work. The notice shall contain a brief statement of the reason for the revocation and shall also indicate the time at which the violation may be corrected and work resumed. The notice shall be given either by personal delivery to the person to be notified or by certified or registered mail addressed to the person. When any permit has been revoked and the work authorized by the permit has not been completed, public works is authorized to take the steps necessary to immediately restore the public way to as good a condition as existed before the opening was made. The permittee shall be responsible for all replacement costs. (Ord. 7(2006) § 8: Ord. 43(1978) § 1: Ord. 7(1971) § 3)