A.   Notify Utilities And City Of Commencement Of Work: Each application for a permit shall be made three (3) business days, unless otherwise approved by public works, before the work authorized by the permit is to begin. Each permittee shall notify all utilities operating in the town, the police department and the fire department of the nature and location of the work authorized by the permit and the time that the work shall begin, at least twenty four (24) hours before the work authorized by the permit is to begin. Such application and notice shall be made during the normal office hours of the utilities, the town and the fire department.
   B.   Contents: An application shall be filed on such forms as shall be furnished by public works. The applicant shall, in addition, present information that all materials, labor and equipment which may be required to complete the proposed work are available.
   C.   Fee:
      1.   Fee Required: Each application for a permit shall be accompanied by a permit fee as determined by public works, as provided in subsection 8-1-35A of this chapter. The permit fee and all other charges or costs shall be paid at the time the permit is issued. The permit fee shall be charged, separate and apart from any bond and security required for mitigation and restoration of the public way, and shall not be included in the bond or security amount.
      2.   More Than One Permit: Public works may accept an initial permit fee from any applicant to cover more than one permit, provided that the permittee pays for the actual cost of each permit within a specified time as designated by the town finance director. Nothing contained in this chapter shall be construed as exempting anyone from obtaining a permit for each separate undertaking.
   D.   Bond And Security: The applicant shall provide a bond or security in the amount of one hundred twenty five percent (125%) of the cost of full restoration of the area that may be damaged during permit activity as calculated by public works. The bond or security shall be submitted in the form of a bond or certified check prior to the approval of the permit application and release of the permit, and shall be held by the town of Vail until the two (2) year warranty period has expired and public works has accepted the work.
   E.   Exemptions: Public works may, at its sole discretion, waive any portion of any fee if the permitted use is deemed a public benefit or as provided for in section 8-1-4 of this chapter. (Ord. 7(2006) § 3: Ord. 20(1981) § 1: Ord. 43(1978) §§ 1, 2: Ord. 7(1971) § 2(B,C,E))