Provisions of the Municipal Traffic Code, as adopted by Section 7-1-1 of this Chapter, are amended as follows:
   A.   Article IV, section 1 (b) is hereby amended as follows:
      (1)   15 miles per hour in any business district.
      (2)   15 miles per hour in any residential district.
   B.   Article XIII, section 1, is hereby amended by changing the words, "and then only for a period not to exceed 3 minutes." to "and then only for a period not to exceed 10 minutes".
   C.   Article XVI, section 7(b), is hereby amended by the addition of a sentence to read as follows:
   The provisions of subsections 16-7(a) and 16-7(b) shall not apply on streets or rights-of-way designated by the Town of Vail as pedestrian malls or areas.
   D.   Article XX, section 13, shall be amended by adding the following subparagraph:
      (n) Any motorcycle and motorized bicycle shall be prohibited in areas designated by the Town as pedestrian malls or areas.
   E.   Article XXII is hereby amended by the addition of section 23, which shall read as follows:
   Penalty Assessment Schedule: The Penalty assessment and the nature of the violation for which said penalty assessment may be made by the arresting officer and accepted and paid by the violator under the privileges of this Section shall be designated by the Municipal Judge, and a schedule thereof filed with the Traffic Violations Bureau, Vail Police Department, and the Traffic Engineer.
   F.   Section 21-5 of the Model Traffic Code for Colorado Municipalities, 1977 Edition as adopted by the Town is amended by the addition of subsection (e) to read as follows:
      (e) This section shall not apply upon any street or portion thereof designated as a limited play street for use of roller skates, skateboards or similar devices. Nothing in this subsection (e) shall be construed to allow the use of skis, toboggans or coasting sleds on said limited play street and the same are prohibited: All businesses which rent skates shall post in a conspicuous place on the business premises a map of the Town of Vail with the limited play streets for the use of roller skates marked thereon.
   G.   Article IX is amended by the addition of Section 11-1(c)(3) which shall read as follows:
      (3) At any place designated by the Traffic Engineer as a specially restricted area in accordance with subsection 7-1-3H.
   H.   Article XXIII is amended by the addition of section 9(10)(b) which shall read as follows:
      (10)(b) Designate any parking area, when it is located on a public street, right-of-way, or other public property as a controlled or specially restricted parking area. The Town Engineer may prescribe any conditions necessary to protect and control the specially restricted area, including the requirement for parking stickers. If parking stickers are utilized the Traffic Engineer is authorized to prescribe the form of parking stickers for the restricted area and all vehicles using the restricted area shall display an approved parking sticker as evidence of permission to park in the restricted area.
   It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle, or to permit a vehicle to remain parked in such area, unless the vehicle complies with the restrictions applicable to the area which may include the required parking sticker.
(Ord. 38(1980) § 1: Ord. 28(1979): Ord. 37(1978) § 1(B))