A.   Appointment: The Chief of Police shall be appointed by the Town Manager.
   B.   Powers And Duties: The Chief of Police shall perform the following duties:
      1.   See that the ordinances of the Town are duly enforced and the rules and regulations of the Police Department obeyed, and perform such duties as may be required by the Town Manager.
      2.   Direct the operations of the Police Department, subject to its rules and regulations.
      3.   Arrest any person violating any of the Town ordinances and take such violator before the Municipal Court for trial.
   C.   Rule Promulgation: The Chief of the Police Department may make or prescribe such rules and regulations as he/she deems advisable. Such rules and regulations may cover the conduct of the members, uniforms and equipment to be worn or carried, assignments, hours of service, and all other similar matters necessary or desirable for the better efficiency of the Department. (1997 Code: Ord. 20(1976) § 6)