For the purpose of each and every provision of this Chapter, the following definitions of terms shall apply:
DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: The Department of Community Development of the Town.
ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH OFFICER: The Environmental Health Officer of the Town or authorized agent.
FIRE CHIEF: The Fire Chief of the Town, or authorized agent.
GARBAGE: Putrescent animal or vegetable waste resulting from the preparation, cooking and serving of food, or the storage and sale of produce.
RECYCLABLE MATERIALS: Newspapers, magazines, cardboard, telephone books, loose paper, glass containers, plastic containers, steel cans, aluminum cans and scraps and reusable clothing and household items.
REFUSE: All solid wastes, garbage and rubbish, whether combustible or noncombustible, including rubble.
REFUSE CONTAINER: A metal or nonabsorbent and fire-resistant container, which shall be equipped with a tightly fitting metal or nonabsorbent and fire-resistant cover or lid.
REFUSE HAULER: Any person engaged in the business of collecting, storing and transporting of refuse in the Town and who is licensed therefor by the Town.
REFUSE STORAGE ROOM: A wholly enclosed area approved by the Town Manager or authorized agent for the storage of refuse which does not constitute or tend to create a fire or health hazard or any unsanitary condition.
RUBBISH: All nonputrescent solid wastes, consisting of both combustible and noncombustible wastes, including, but not limited to, paper, ashes, cardboard, tin cans, yard clippings, wood, glass, rags, discarded clothes or wearing apparel of any kind, or any other discarded object or thing, not exceeding three feet (3') in length.
RUBBLE: Large brush wood, large and/or heavy yard trimmings, discarded fenceposts, crates, motor vehicle tires, junk motor vehicle bodies or parts thereof, scrap metal, discarded furniture and all other household goods or items, demolition materials, old lumber and any other discarded similar object or thing which cannot conveniently be cut into sizes of three feet (3') in length.
TOWN MANAGER: The Town Manager of the Town of Vail, or authorized agent. (1997 Code: Ord. 4(1973) § 1)