A.   Each STR shall comply with all of the following standards, at a minimum, at all times while the STR is occupied:
      1.   Buildings, structures or rooms shall not be used for purposes other than those for which they were designed or intended.
      2.   Roofs, floors, walls, foundations, ceilings, stairs, handrails, guardrails, doors, porches, all other structural components and all appurtenances thereto shall be capable of resisting any and all forces and loads to which they may be normally subjected and shall be kept in sound condition and in good repair.
      3.   Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers shall be installed and operable, and all wood-burning fireplaces and stoves shall be cleaned on an annual basis.
      4.   An operable toilet, sink, and either a bathtub or shower shall be located within the same building, and every room containing a toilet or bathtub/shower shall be completely enclosed by walls, doors, or windows that will afford sufficient privacy.
      5.   There shall be a sufficient number of trash receptacles to accommodate all trash generated by the occupants, and all receptacles shall comply with title 5, chapter 9 of this Code.
      6.   Occupancy of an STR shall comply with title 12, chapter 2 of this Code.
      7.   The use of portable outdoor fireplaces is prohibited.
      8.   Electrical panels shall be clearly labeled.
      9.   All pets shall be subject to title 6, chapter 4 of this Code. (Ord. 19(2018) § 1)