A.   At least thirty (30) days prior to any advertising of an STR, the owner or property management firm shall register the STR with the Finance Director or designee, on forms supplied by the Town. For professionally managed STRs, registration for multiple STRs may be made by filing a complete list of all the STRs in the Town managed by such firm, on forms supplied by the Town, and the list shall be updated at least quarterly.
   B.   The fee for STR registration shall be set by resolution of the Town Council.
   C.   If the STR is located within a duplex, the registration form shall include a copy of a written notice provided by the owner or property manager to the last known address of the record owner of the adjoining residential dwelling unit. The written notice shall be sent by first-class mail at least seven (7) days prior to registering the STR.
   D.   No registration form shall be accepted without an affidavit, signed by the owner or the property management firm, under penalty of perjury, certifying that the STR is in habitable condition and complies with the health and safety standards set forth in section 4-14-6 of this chapter.
   E.   Each STR registration is nontransferable.
   F.   An STR registration shall expire on February 28 of each calendar year, or when title of the STR transfers to a new owner, whichever occurs first. Each change in ownership of a STR shall require a new registration. (Ord. 19(2018) § 1)