A.   Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes section 12-48-107(5)(a), the local licensing authority ("authority") elects not to notify the state licensing authority to obtain the state licensing authority's approval or disapproval of applications for special event permits.
   B.   The authority shall report to the Colorado liquor enforcement division, within ten (10) days after the authority issues a special event permit, the name of the organization to which the permit was issued, the address of the permitted location, and the permitted dates of alcohol beverage service.
   C.   Upon receipt of an application for a special event permit, the authority shall, as required by Colorado Revised Statutes section 12-48-107(5)(c), access information made available on the state licensing authority's website to determine the statewide permitting activity of the organization applying for the permit. The authority shall consider compliance with the provisions of Colorado Revised Statutes section 12-48-105(3), which restricts the number of permits issued to an organization within a calendar year to fifteen (15), before approving any application.
   D.   A special event permit may be issued only upon a satisfactory showing by an organization or a qualified political candidate that:
      1.   Other existing facilities are not available or are inadequate for the needs of the organization or political candidate; and
      2.   Existing licensed facilities are inadequate for the purposes of serving members or guests of the organization or political candidate and that additional facilities are necessary by reason of the nature of the special event being scheduled; or
      3.   The organization or political candidate is temporarily occupying premises other than the regular premises of such organization or candidate during special events such as civic celebrations or county fairs and that members of the general public will be served during such special events.
   E.   Each application for a special event permit shall be accompanied by an application fee in an amount equal to the maximum local licensing fee established by Colorado Revised Statutes section 12-48-107(2). (Ord. 16(2011) § 1)