The administration of the annual business license required by this Chapter shall be vested in the Finance Director or his/her designee(s) who is authorized to do the following:
   A.   Collect license fees.
   B.   Adopt all forms and prescribe the information to be given therein.
   C.   Promulgate and enforce all reasonable rules and regulations necessary to the operation and enforcement of this Chapter.
   D.   Investigate and determine the eligibility of each applicant for an annual business license.
   E.   Investigate, determine, and order the revocation or suspension of an annual business license for violation by the licensee under provision of this Chapter.
   F.   Examine at any time those records of each licensee which the Town determines are necessary to verify and document license requirements, provided the contents of such records shall remain confidential and not a part of the public records. (Ord. 38(1988) § 1)