The Charter Commission of the Town of Vail, Colorado, hereby submits to the voters of the Town the Home Rule Charter which has been framed in conformity with Article XX of the Colorado Constitution and the Municipal Home Rule Act of 1971.
   The philosophy of the commission throughout the drafting of this document has been that the people of Vail will elect a town council composed of men and women whose intelligence, honesty and integrity will provide the high level of leadership necessary to ensure Vail's future as a quality community. This Charter therefore provides for and encourages citizen involvement and participation in matters of local government. Further, the Charter reflects a broad granting of powers which, unless specifically restricted herein, are intended to be as inclusive as permitted by the state constitution.
   This Charter provides for basic Council-Manager form of government. The council shall consist of seven members, including a mayor who shall be elected by the council for a two-year term. A majority of the council (four members) shall be elected every two years, thereby providing continuity of government while at the same time ensuring maximum responsiveness to the voters.
   The full legislative power of the municipal government shall be vested in the council, and the executive responsibilities shall rest with the town manager, who is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the council.
   The commission recognizes that the community of Vail is unique in that it places greater emphasis on aesthetic, environmental, promotional and recreational concerns than are traditional in most municipal governments. This Charter is intended to provide the enduring framework within which these concerns can best be implemented. This Charter is, therefore, fundamentally founded in the belief that the quality of life of the people of Vail shall continue and be enhanced through progressive municipal government.
   We, the people of the town of Vail, Colorado, under the authority of the constitution of the state of Colorado and the municipal home rule act of 1971, and in order to exercise the rights, privileges and responsibilities of self-government granted to us by the said constitution and act do ordain and establish this home rule charter for the town of Vail, Colorado.
Town charter approved at election held September 12, 1972.
Town charter amended on the following dates:
      November 19, 1985
      November 21, 1995
      September 16, 1997
      September 20, 2005
      November 6, 2012