Application for a permit in accordance with Appendix A, Regulations for On-Premises Signs, shall be made to the Administrator upon a form provided by the Administrator and shall be accompanied by such information as may be required to assure compliance with all appropriate laws and regulations of the city including:
   (A)   Name and address of owner of the sign;
   (B)   Name and address of owner or the person in possession of the premises where the sign is located or to be located;
   (C)   Clear and legible drawings with description definitely showing location of the sign which is the subject of the permit and all other existing signs whose construction requires permits, when the signs are on the same premises; and
   (D)   Drawings showing the dimensions, structural supports, sizes, electrical wiring and components, materials of the sign and method of attachment and character of structural members to which attachment is to be made. The design, quality, materials and loading shall conform to the requirements of the International Building Code as adopted by the city. If required by the Administrator, engineering data shall be supplied on plans submitted certified by a duly licensed engineer.
(Title VII, Ch. 17, § 6.2) Penalty, see § 158.999