The following signs are expressly prohibited in any zoning district and on any lot:
   (A)   Unlawful signs. Unlawful signs, as defined by § 158.003;
   (B)   Abandoned, damaged or unmaintained signs. This sign shall be removed in its entirety, including poles and other structural members; provided that footings may be retained if in the opinion of the Administrator they do not represent a threat to the public and might reasonably be reused by a future occupant. If a sign is altered, any unused structural supports or parts thereof shall be deemed abandoned and removed. If the owner fails to promptly remove the sign or support, the city may order the removal and the costs therefor shall become a lien on the property;
   (C)   Painted wall signs. Wall signs shall not be painted directly on the surface of a building wall;
   (D)   Portable signs. Portable signs, pennants, spinners, streamers, string lights, festoons, searchlights, swinging signs, flags other than those of the United States or state, or similar devices not expressly permitted by §§ 158.045 through 158.047;
   (E)   Roof signs. Roof signs are prohibited;
   (F)   Snipe signs. Any sign attached to a tree or utility pole, whether on public or private property, and any sign placed on public property without permission by the City Council, is prohibited, except official notices or announcements by a governmental authority; and
   (G)   Animated or flashing signs and electronic message centers. Any sign using or displaying flashing, chasing, scintillating, occultating or intermittent lights; animation; indexing; or sound, odor, emission of visible matter or other means of drawing attention to itself, whether by electronic, mechanical, atmospheric movement or other means or any combination thereof, is prohibited unless expressly permitted by § 158.047.
(Title VII, Ch. 17, § 5) Penalty, see § 158.999