§ 158.024 WALL SIGNS.
   (A)   Wall signs and area shall be displayed only on the street frontage for which they were accrued, and shall not be combined with or transferable to any other wall or sign on any other building frontage. If signs are accrued for two or more walls, the sign displays shall be substantially the same on all walls unless some copy is excluded on walls that have smaller sign areas or display less total copy. The wall signs on any given building elevation of a single tenant shall not exceed 360 square feet in area.
   (B)   Wall sign area shall accrue at a maximum rate of two square feet for each lineal foot of building frontage. For a corner lot, the maximum sign area allowed on the side wall shall be two square feet of area for each lineal foot of building frontage or the maximum sign area accrued for the front of the building, whichever is less.
   (C)   Wall sign area may be accrued for a wall fronting on a private street or on a major internal circulation drive that provides access to multiple tenancies, if the private street or drive is located in a separate right-of-way parcel or in an access easement with use and maintenance shared by multiple owners. Such accrual shall be in the same manner as for public street frontages, and subject to the same regulations and restrictions that apply to wall signs on public street frontages, including the maximum area allowed on the side wall for a corner lot.
   (D)   An end-cap tenant of a multiple tenant building may erect a wall sign on the front one-half of the building’s side wall if the tenant does not display sign copy on any ground sign, and if all of the tenant’s wall signs are comprised of individually mounted letters in the manner required by this Code. The maximum area of the end-cap wall sign shall be one-half of the maximum area accrued for the tenant’s front building elevation or 150 square feet, whichever is less, and at least 50 square feet.
   (E)   The face of a wall sign shall not protrude more than twelve inches beyond the building face. Wall signs shall not be mounted above the second story, parapet line or eave line of the building, whichever is lowest, or within a gable not more than 15 feet above the building’s eave or parapet line, except for interstate wall signs as provided by § 158.047(G). Window signs shall be counted as part of the maximum permitted area for wall signs, unless they are displayed for less than six consecutive weeks or are not legible from a street.
(Title VII, Ch. 17, § 3.11) (Ord. 2013-01, passed 4-3-2013) Penalty, see § 158.999