(A)   Signs may be lit by either internal or external fixtures unless there is a specific requirement to the contrary. In the O-R District, signs shall be non-illuminated or shall be illuminated by internal fixtures or luminous tubes. Fixtures shall be designed to concentrate illumination upon the sign face and prevent glare. A constant level of light shall be maintained, provided that this shall not be construed to prohibit use of an automatic dimmer to reduce garish effects at night. Lighting shall not flash, scintillate, animate, move, chase, occultate or otherwise be intermittent unless expressly permitted.
   (B)   Exposed lamps shall not exceed 11 watts and inert gas tube lighting shall not exceed 60 milliamps. Internal lamps and lamps housed inside frosted lamps, or exposed lamps covered with a diffusing screen shall not exceed 25 watts. Intensification of illumination by reflectorized lamps or external reflectors is prohibited.
(Title VII, Ch. 17, § 3.6) Penalty, see § 158.999