It is unlawful for a person maliciously to injure, remove or destroy any bridge; or place, or cause to be placed, any obstruction on any bridge; or willfully obstruct or injure any public road or highway; or maliciously cut, burn or in any way break down, injure or destroy any post or pole used in connection with any system of electric lighting or telephone system; or break down and destroy or injure and deface any electric light or telephone instrument; or in any way cut, break or injure the wires of any apparatus belonging thereto; or to willfully tap, cut, injure, break, disconnect, connect, make connection with or destroy any of the wires, mains, pipes, conduits, meters or other apparatus belonging to, or attached to, the power plant or distributing or collecting systems of any electric light plant, electric motor, gas plant, sewer plant or water plant; or to aid or abet any other person in so doing.
(Iowa Code § 716.1) (1999 Code, § 42.07) Penalty, see § 10.99