The following are excluded from the application of this subchapter:
   (A)   Newspapers.  Persons delivering, collecting for or selling subscriptions to newspapers;
   (B)   Route sales. Persons who make regularly scheduled route deliveries;
   (C)   Resale or institutional use.  Persons customarily calling on businesses or institutions for the purpose of selling products for resale or institutional use;
   (D)   Nonprofit organizations.  Members of local Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Campfire, 4-H clubs, Future Farmers of America and similar nationally recognized nonprofit organizations, if the sales are to benefit the organization in its recognized operation and programs;
   (E)   Door-to-door sales; community improvement or benefit.  Persons making door-to-door sales for the purpose of a community improvement or benefit approved by the City Council on behalf of nonprofit, tax-exempt corporations;
   (F)   Students.  Students representing local schools conducting projects sponsored by organizations recognized by the schools; and
   (G)   Youth sports organizations.  City youth sports associations.
   (H)   Religious organizations. Representatives of religious organizations which have their principal place of activity within Polk County or Dallas County, Iowa.
   (I)   Political candidates and organizations. Political candidates and representatives of political organizations.
(1999 Code, § 122.19)  (Ord. 2006-14, passed 9-26-2006)