Any type of mailbox located in the city right-of-way is subject to damage or destruction at any time, as a result of traffic or maintenance of its utilities located in the right-of-way. City maintenance may include snow removal, pavement repairs, solid waste and recycling collections, street cleaning or construction. The city shall not assume any liability for damaged mailboxes of any type constructed within the right-of-way. If a curbside or cluster-style mailbox located in the city right-of-way is damaged during these activities, the city or the utility that damaged the mailbox shall replace the mailbox with a mailbox of the same design, if it has been approved for installation by the USPS with the proper markings inscribed “U.S. Mail” and “Approved by the Postmaster General” and if it is still available for purchase and complies with the standards for newly constructed mailboxes outlined in this subchapter. The city shall only purchase supplies to repair the curbside mailbox up to the reimbursable limit as set by the City Council. Custom-built mailboxes damaged will be replaced with a standard breakaway post and standard curbside mailbox. The property owner may choose to be reimbursed or have the city reinstall a curbside mailbox meeting stated requirements. If the property owner applies for a custom-built mailbox application and is approved, the city shall reimburse the property owner and any reimbursement shall not exceed the maximum set by the City Council. The maximum amount shall be set in the City of Urbandale Snow and Ice Control Operations Manual and shall apply to damage from all activities and not limited to snow and ice control.
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-24-2009; Am. Ord. 2022-22, passed 2-7-2023)