The Building Department, Department of Engineering and Public Works and the Urbandale Water Utility personnel are authorized to inspect, approve or disapprove the application for and construction of all sidewalks located within the corporate limits of the city. The party constructing, reconstructing or repairing any sidewalk shall call for inspections by notifying the inspector of sidewalks of the city when the subgrade has been brought to the elevation and grade as established by the city, and the forms have been set. A further inspection shall be called for and required upon completion of the sidewalk. Upon completion of all work and inspections as hereinbefore set out, the inspector of sidewalks for the city shall so certify upon the space provided on the permit to construct, reconstruct or repair sidewalks and shall certify that the sidewalk has been completed in accordance with the specifications and plans of the city.
(1999 Code, § 135.14)