Any person applying for a building permit for the purpose of erecting a new structure for occupancy shall also apply for a sidewalk permit covering the same premises set forth in the building permit if a full sidewalk is not already located thereon. The application shall include the full frontage on the street side of all lots and in the case of corner lots shall include both street sides of the lots. The requirements for a sidewalk permit in this section shall be in addition to the requirements for the construction of sidewalks by a subdivider as set forth in the city’s subdivision regulations. Where subdivisions are platted with rear lot walks, these walks shall be installed according to the requirements of the city’s subdivision regulations. These improvements shall be paid for by the developer and the permit obtained by the same. In the event that the sidewalk cannot be constructed at the time of the building permit, a bond or other surety may be required in lieu of sidewalk construction.
(1999 Code, § 135.11)
   Subdivisions, see Chapter 159