§ 98.24 LEASES.
   (A)   Mayor to sign lease. The Mayor or designee, upon approval by the City Council, is hereby authorized to sign on behalf of the city any lease, rental or grant of use for any building, equipment or shelter house that private individuals, associations or corporate entities wish to enter into.
   (B)   Accounts of lessee. If any lease is entered into by the city for the use, operation and control of shelter houses, buildings, land or equipment of the Parks Department, the lessee shall keep separate, itemized accounts of the receipts and disbursements made by the lessee and shall render the city a periodic detailed itemized financial statement of the receipts and disbursements as are required in the lease. The lessee shall also make those accounts available to the city for its inspections and audit during normal hours of business.
   (C)   Disbursement and use of profits. The net profits referred to in division (B) above, except when the lease shall provide otherwise, shall be kept in a trust fund in the office of the Clerk and disbursed and used only for the purpose of improving, repairing and maintaining the grounds, equipment, facilities and buildings connected with and forming a part of the Parks Department. It is understood that any profits paid to the city shall be gifts to the city upon the conditions contained in this subchapter and shall be disbursed only for the purpose contemplated by this subchapter and the lease that was entered into between the parties.
   (D)   Indemnity. Any lease or sublease of any shelter house, buildings, equipment or land of the Parks Department shall contain a provision saving the city harmless from liability to the public growing out of or connected with the use, occupancy, operation and control of park property. No lease shall be assigned without the approval of the City Council or its designee.
   (E)   Inspection of records of lessee. The Parks and Recreation Director reserves the right, through duly authorized agents, to inspect the books and records of any lessee during any reasonable business hours and at a time as shall not interfere with the use of the leased premises.
   (F)   Rules and regulations. All lessees shall be obligated to follow strictly all rules and regulations set forth by this subchapter, the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Parks and Recreation Director when using, pursuant to any lease, any shelter house, building, equipment or land of the Parks Department. The Commission may prescribe, from time to time, new rules and regulations governing the use of the parks, which rules and regulations shall become effective upon adoption by the Council and upon being posted in the various parks of the city.
(1999 Code, § 115.25)