(A)   A special bow hunt is hereby established and shall be administered by the city in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. The dates and boundaries for the special bow hunt shall be set annually by City Council resolution, and may be more restrictive than the dates and boundaries designated by the IDNR.
   (B)   Hunters wishing to participate in the special bow hunt shall first obtain an urban antlerless deer license or incentive license after completing the following and providing proof thereof:
      (1)   An annual archery proficiency test; and
      (2)   A bow hunter safely education course conducted by the IDNR or approved equivalent.
   (C)   The city hereby reserves the right to approve the content and operation of the test or safety course and to reject any that is not compliant with IDNR requirements or recommendations, or otherwise deemed acceptable to the Police Department.
   (D)   Hunting shall be prohibited within the following protection zones, and no shot shall be directed into or across any protection zone:
      (a)   Within 200 feet of any home or building not owned by the hunter, unless the owner thereof waives the prohibition in a written statement filed with the city; and
      (b)   Within 100 feet of a recreation trail or street.
   (E)   Shots shall only be taken from an elevated stand; provided that a hunter with an IDNR-qualifying disability may request permission to use an alternative; shall be restricted to a distance of not more than 75 feet; and shall clearly have a downward angle intended to minimize travel of an arrow beyond the 75 feet maximum shot distance. A diligent attempt shall be made to retrieve every arrow.
   (F)   Legal weaponry for all hunting allowed by this chapter shall be restricted to bows and arrows, except that a hunter with a qualifying disability as defined by IDNR regulations may be allowed to use a crossbow and bolts as defined and limited by the IDNR.
   (G)   Bows and arrows shall be cased while traveling to and from every hunting site.
(Ord. 2009-17, passed 8-25-2009) Penalty, see § 94.99