(A)   The sale and display of consumer fireworks, defined as first-class and second-class consumer fireworks as described in American Pyrotechnics Association Standard 87-1, Chapter 3, shall be allowed within permanent structures located in only the “M-1” Planned Industrial District and ”M-2” Business Park Industrial District. No sale or display of consumer fireworks shall occur within 50 feet of a public right-of-way, or within 200 feet of the following:
      (1)   Any property which is zoned for residential development or designated for such use by the Comprehensive Plan;
      (2)   Schools, child daycare centers and churches; and
      (3)   Nursing homes, adult care centers, and medical clinics.
   (B)   Fireworks vendors shall post information stating the use of consumer fireworks is strictly prohibited within the city.  Such information shall be displayed in English in legible, uniform printed lettering that is between two and five inches in height, in proximity to the pay station and in clear view of all customers during all hours of operation.
(Ord. 2017-06, passed 5-23-2017)