SECTION 1. General Provisions. A Department of Law, a Department of Finance, a Department of Public Safety, and a Department of Public Service and Properties are hereby established by this Charter, and the Council shall provide by ordinance for the organization thereof. The Council may establish by ordinance new departments or divisions thereof. With the exception of the Law and Finance Departments, the Council may combine or abolish existing departments and divisions as it may deem necessary and may authorize one person to be the head of two or more departments or divisions.
   SECTION 2. Department of Law shall be in charge of the Director of Law, appointed by the Council to serve at the pleasure thereof. The Director of Law shall be duly admitted to the practice of law in Ohio. He shall be the city solicitor and shall perform all duties required by ordinance and the duties which are imposed upon city solicitors by the general law of Ohio.
   SECTION 3. Department of Finance shall be headed by the Director of Finance, who shall be the fiscal officer and Treasurer of the City. He shall keep all the financial records and accounts of the City and an accurate account of all taxes and assessments, all assets and liabilities, all appropriations made by the Council, and all receipts and disbursements by the City. All payrolls, bills and other claims are subject to his examination and approval. He shall issue warrants or checks for expenditures for which appropriations have been duly made and shall sign checks as Council shall require. He shall assist the Mayor and Council in the preparation of estimates, budgets and appropriations, and shall perform all the duties required by this Charter or by ordinance of Council.
   The Director of Finance shall serve as the Treasurer of the City and shall be the collector and custodian of all monies of the City. He shall keep and preserve them in such manner and in such places as the Council shall determine. He shall receive and disburse all other public money coming into his hands as Treasurer in pursuance of such regulations as may be prescribed by the authorities having lawful control over such funds.
   There shall be in the Department of Public Safety a Division of Police, a Division of Fire, and a Division of Building Engineering and Inspection. (11-6-1979)