As used in this chapter, all terms shall have the meaning which they have in Ohio R.C. 121.22, unless otherwise specifically defined.
   (a)   "Clerk" means the Clerk of Council.
   (b)   "Oral notification" means notification in person or by telephone. If given in person, a form showing receipt of notice shall be kept for signature by the party so notified; if by telephone, a log shall be kept of the number called, time of call, and the name of a responsible person with whom the message was left.
   (c)   “Post” means the placing of a legible copy of a document (i) on the Public Bulletin Board in the lobby of the City Hall and (ii) on the City’s website.
   (d)   "Regular meeting" means a prearranged discussion of the public business of the City by any of its decision-making bodies, or by a majority or other quorum thereof, at a time and place specified in the by-laws of the body, or its other rules of conduct, or the Codified Ordinances, as being the time and place at which it is expected that such discussions will normally and regularly occur.
   (e)   "Special meeting" means a meeting which is neither a regular meeting nor an adjournment of a regular (or special) meeting to another time or day to consider items specifically stated on the original agenda of such regular (or special) meeting.
   (f)   "Written notification" means notification in writing mailed, telegraphed or delivered to the address of the person for whom such notification is intended as shown on the records kept by the Clerk under this chapter, or in any way delivered to such person. If mailed, such notification shall be mailed by first-class mail, deposited in a U. S. Postal Service mailbox no later than the second day preceding the day of the meeting to which such notification refers, provided that at least one regular mail delivery day falls between the day of mailing and the day of such meeting.
(1982 Code, § 107.01) (Ord. 75-104. Passed 1-19-1976; Ord. 2017-26. Passed 9-18-2017.)