For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   (A)   As used herein the words and phrases defined in KRS 241.010 and 243.015 have the meanings indicated therein.
   (B)   The following words and phrases have the meanings indicated:
      BOARD. The State Alcoholic Beverage Control Board established pursuant to KRS 241.030.
      CITY. The City of Union, Kentucky.
      CITY ADMINISTRATOR. The person appointed to the office of Alcoholic Beverage Control Administration created and established by the city pursuant to § 40.60.
      CITY LICENSE.  A license established and authorized pursuant to the terms hereof.
      CITY LICENSEE.  A person who has been issued a city license pursuant to the terms hereof.
      KRS. Kentucky Revised Statutes.
      PERSON. Any natural person, corporation, partnership, joint venture, or unincorporated association of persons or any combination thereof, and the shareholders, officers, agents, servants, and employees thereof.
      PREMISES. The premises described in the city license issued pursuant to the terms hereof and the application therefor.
      STATE. The Commonwealth of Kentucky.
      STATE LICENSE. A license authorized by KRS Chapters 241 to 244.
      TRAFFIC IN ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. Any action, business, or transaction in regard to the production, storage, transportation, distribution, sale, delivery, and transfer of alcoholic beverages.
(Ord. 2014-20, passed 1-5-15)