(A)   Establishment. There is hereby created the Office of City Administrative Officer for the city, pursuant to K.R.S. 83A.090.
   (B)   Qualifications. The qualifications for this office shall include but not be limited to professional training and experience in administration sufficient to ensure competence.
   (C)   Duties and responsibilities.
      (1)   The City Administrative Officer shall report directly to the Mayor. The Mayor shall take into account all input from City Commissioners in supervising the City Administrator.
      (2)   The following administrative staff shall report to the City Administrator: City Engineer, Administrative Assistant, and Social Events Coordinator. The City Attorney and City Clerk/Treasurer shall report directly to the Mayor. The City Administrator shall hire, train, evaluate performances, and oversee disciplinary actions for the administrative staff.
      (3)   Project duties and responsibilities of this office shall include but are not limited to the following:
         (a)   Coordinates special projects assigned by the Mayor;
         (b)   The Mayor and the City Commission identify and prioritize special projects to be completed and set the executional scope and objectives for all identified and prioritized projects;
         (c)   The City Administrator is to be Project Coordinator for each assigned project to insure all projects objectives are effectively completed;
         (d)   The City Administrator will hire, if necessary, private contractors/consultants to assist in special projects. City Administrator will recruit volunteers to assist in special projects;
         (e)   The City Administrator will present proposals as to how he/she will execute requested special projects. Proposals will lay out and define how special projects will be executed, completion time frames, phase objectives, and project costing. City Commission has to approve project proposals before City Administrator can begin executing projects; and
         (f)   The Mayor and the City Commission will evaluate Special Project success by determining whether or not project phase objectives were met in a timely and cost effective manner.
      (4)   Assist the Mayor and City Commission with the continuous five (5) year fiscal strategic planning:
         (a)   Participate in continuous five year fiscal strategic planning, and monitor annual City Budget reporting status at each City Commission meeting.
         (b)   Calculate project costs and lists with appropriate committees for budgeting purposes, maintain complete records and makes reports as requested, and acts as head procurement officer.
         (c)   Keeps City Commission apprised of developments at the state and federal level that impact the city, monitor pending legislation for impact on the city, and oversee compliance with new legislation; and
         (d)   Seek and administer research grants for the city.
      (5)   Management duties and responsibilities of this office shall include but are not limited to the following:
         (a)   Serve as a liaison between city staff, the Mayor and the City Commission;
         (b)   Attend all meetings of the City Commission and brief Commission Members on pending agenda items and other city issues;
         (c)   Respond to inquiries and provide the Mayor and Commission Members with information on the status of city operations and projects;
         (d)   Provide analysis and administrative support to the Mayor and Commission Members to make informed policy decisions;
         (e)   Provide support for all committees and boards established by the city;
         (f)   Acts as a liaison between the Mayor and Commission and Department/Committee Chairs; and
         (g)   Investigates legislative issues and coordinates agenda with Mayor for the City Commission Meetings.
      (6)   Directs and manages the day-to-day/managerial operations of the city:
         (a)   Establishes policies and procedures for the overall city operations;
         (b)   Provides direction to all city functions falling under the authority of the City Commission and resolves any policy problems;
         (c)   Identifies, monitors, and evaluates progress towards goals and objectives of the administration;
         (d)   Receives and resolves Union resident complaints;
         (e)   Acts as Public Relations Officer for the city;
         (f)   Manage the Community Building (inspection after rentals, review and authorize paperwork); and
         (g)   Work with the City Attorney on negotiating contracts for various city services.
      (7)   Oversees professional contractors and/or consultants providing services for city projects:
         (a)   Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with contractors or service providers, included but not limited to water and sanitation districts, trash collection provider, public safety departments, City Engineer, City Attorney, and Planning and Zoning;
         (b)   Works with developers and private sector businesses to ensure conformance with City Ordinances, Codes, and comprehensive plan;
         (c)   Participates in the evaluation and selection of contractors/consultants;
         (d)   Interfaces with and monitors the contractors/consultants to ensure timely and quality completion of project;
         (e)   Facilitates cooperation with the project throughout the organization; and
         (f)   Provides information and support as needed.
      (8)   Represents the Mayor, City Commission, and the City at various meetings, functions and events:
         (a)   Serves as a liaison to various civic or governmental organizations and committees, task forces, boards, and commissions, e.g. Northern Kentucky City/County Managers' Association, Municipal Government League, etc.;
         (b)   Confers regularly with officials from the municipalities, school board, chamber of commerce, economic development agencies, and other community groups; and
         (c)    Participate in discussions and decisions and keeps the City Commission apprised of activities.
   (D)   Compensation. The compensation for the City Administrative Officer for the City of Union, Kentucky shall be set at sixty thousand dollars ($60,000.00) annually, effective July 10, 2017; in addition, City Administrative Officer shall receive  retirement and other benefits.
   (E)   Oath of Office. The City Administrative Officer shall take an Oath of Office as required under §  31.01 of the City of Union, Kentucky Code of Ordinances.
   (F)   Term. The term of employment will be for a two year period with a non-competition provision.
(Ord. 2014-009, passed 7-7-14; Am. Ord. 2015-01, passed 2-2-15; Am. Ord. 2015-17, passed 9-8-15; Am. Ord. 2017-09, passed 7-5-17)