(A)   The election of candidates to all elected city offices shall be governed by the provisions of this section and by the applicable provisions of KRS Chapter 83A and Chapters 116 to 121.
      (1)   Pursuant to KRS 83A.045, elections for city officers shall hereinafter be non-partisan elections as provided in the afore described statute and as further set forth and governed by KRS 83A.050, 83A.165, 83A.170, and 83A.175.
      (2)   As authorized by KRS 83A.045(2)(b), the city shall forgo conducting a nonpartisan primary for the nomination of candidates to city office, regardless of the number of candidates, running for each office. All candidates for elected city offices shall file their nomination papers with the County Clerk not earlier than the first Wednesday after the first Monday in November of the year preceding the year in which the office will appear on the ballot and not later than the first Tuesday after the first Monday in June before the date fixed by KRS Chapter 118 for holding the regular election for the office. Signatures for nomination papers shall not be affixed on the document to be filed prior to the first Wednesday after the first Monday in November of the year preceding the year in which the office will appear on the ballot. (KRS 83A.045(2)(b)1.).
      (3)   All nomination papers shall be filed not later than 4:00 p.m. prevailing local time when filed on the last day when such papers are permitted to be filed.
   (B)   The city may change the manner of election of city officers within the provisions of division (A) of this section by ordinance, except that no change shall be made earlier than five (5) years from the last change.
   (C)   The city shall pay the costs of city elections only if city elections are held at a time other than prescribed by law for elections generally.
   (D)   Each appointed and elected city office existing on July 15, 1980, shall continue until abolished by ordinance, except that the offices of Mayor and Commissioners may not be abolished.
   (E)   No abolition of any elected office shall take effect until expiration of the term of the current holder of the office.
   (F)   No ordinance abolishing any elected office shall be enacted later than two hundred forty (240) days preceding the regular election for that office, except in the event of a vacancy in the office.
   (G)   The city may not create any elected office.  Existing elected offices may be continued under provision of divisions (D), (E), and (F) above, but no existing elected office may be changed.
(Am. Ord. 2017-12, passed 10-2-17)
Statutory reference:
   Creation, abolishment of city offices, see KRS 83A.080(3),(4)
   Election of city officers, see KRS 83A.050