(A)   Pursuant to the provisions of KRS 85.140, authority to establish street regulations, whenever it becomes necessary to open any of the streets of the city through excavating or digging, the person desiring to do the work shall make application to the City Clerk for permission to do so, and shall accompany the application with a map or diagram showing the place where the street is to be opened, the width and depth of the excavation, the estimated length of time the street is to remain open, and the name of the person whose property is to benefit by reason of the opening excavation.
   (B)   Every application shall be accompanied by a bond to the city in the amount of five thousand dollars ($5,000.00), signed by the applicant and a surety company registered under the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  This bond shall specify that in the event the city is sued because of injuries sustained, or property damaged by reason of such excavation, the principal and surety in the bond will, to the extent of five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) pay any judgment obtained by the claimant, and will pay the court cost and attorneys' fees incurred by the city.
(Ord. 98-007, passed 10-12-98)