A.   Penalty Imposed: If any person neglects, fails or refuses to pay the amount assessed the person's business when that assessment is due a penalty of one hundred percent (100%) shall be imposed of such assessment and shall be added to the assessment by the City Recorder and payment thereof shall be enforced by the City Recorder as provided for herein.
   B.   Civil Action For Recovery Of Assessment: In all cases where the assessment required by this chapter to be paid for the operation of a business for which a license is required is not paid according to the requirements of this chapter, a civil action may be brought in the name of the City against the person failing to pay such license fee. The civil action may be brought in any court of the State having jurisdiction of such action to recover the amount of the assessment and any penalties which may attach, as well as court costs and reasonable attorney fees. Where more than one (1) such assessment shall be unpaid in violation of the provisions of this chapter, such claims may be joined as separate causes of action in a single action.
   C.   Prosecution Of Civil Action: It shall be the duty of the City Attorney to prepare, bring and prosecute the civil actions contemplated by this chapter, upon request of the City Council.
   D.   Enforcement Not To Conflict With Penalty: Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prevent or in any manner interfere with the enforcement of any penalty provisions contained in any other ordinance of the City. (Ord. 240-17, 10-3-2017)