A.   License Fee; License Term:
      1.   All licenses provided for in this chapter shall, except as otherwise provided in this chapter, be payable annually in advance of January 1st of each year. Unless revoked as provided in this chapter, all licenses shall be effective for a one (1) year period beginning January 1 through December 31 of each year or as otherwise provided for in this chapter.
      2.   A license fee for a portion of a year shall be in the same proportion to the yearly fee as the remainder of the license year shall bear to the whole license year, except as may be set forth herein.
      3.   All license fees shall be made payable to the City.
      4.   License fees for all businesses and classes of business licenses shall be set by resolution of the City Council. Copies of the current resolution and fee schedule shall be available at the City offices during business hours.
   B.   Combination License:
      1.   Where two (2) or more types of duly licensed businesses are conducted within a single establishment by the same person, a combination license may be issued therefor. However, such combination license shall not include licenses for beer, Christmas tree lots or fireworks stands.
      2.   The annual fee for such combination licenses shall be based on the full regular fee for the type of business which carries the highest rate, plus one-half (1/2) of the regular rate for each other business involved.
   C.   Multiple Licenses For Single Commercial Space:
      1.   Where two (2) or more businesses are conducted in a single commercial space by two (2) or more persons, a primary business license shall be obtained to regulate all intended uses of the space.
      2.   Where such business requires a conditional use permit (CUP), the applicant for the primary license shall be responsible for obtaining and maintaining the conditions of the CUP.
      3.   The primary license shall be regulated in accordance with the most stringent requirements for any of the uses for the space.
      4.   The annual fee for the primary license shall be based on the full regular fee for the type of business which carries the highest rate.
      5.   A secondary business license must be obtained for each other business which is conducted under the regulation of the primary license.
   D.   Fees Not Refunded: No license fee, or any part thereof, shall be refunded for any reason whatsoever, once the license has been granted or issued by the City.
   E.   Investigation Refusal Prohibited: It is unlawful for any person licensed under the provisions of this chapter to refuse permission to any inspector sent by the business license official to enter the business premises and inspect the same.
   F.   Transfer Of License: No license granted or issued under any of the provisions of any ordinance of the City shall be in any manner assignable, or transferable, or authorize any other business than is therein mentioned or named to be done or transacted; provided, however, that any person to whom one (1) or more licenses have been issued to transact or carry on some business at a definite location in the City may, except as hereinafter provided, make application for the transfer of any or all of his said licenses for the sole purpose of transacting or carrying on the same business as is therein mentioned at some other definite location in the City. Any person wishing to make such a transfer shall file an application with the business license official. No application shall be approved unless the business as conducted in the new location shall be conducted in the same manner and by the same persons as was the case when such business was conducted in the original location. The business license official, after examination of all appropriate reports, may, in the business license official's discretion, deny or grant the transfer of such licenses strictly within the above limitations. (Ord. 240-17, 10-3-2017)